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                        Welcome to our humble page.
                        Home of Camel 101 - game makers, dream shapers and overall great guys.


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                        ABOUT US

                        Camel 101 is an independent and self funded game development studio, focused on creating fun and entertaining games.
                        We've worked on a wide ranged of projects ranging from casual games, to strategic and tactical wargames and horror adventures.
                        Our team has a solid background in engine and game development, and is always striving to do better from one project to another.
                        But who are we?
                        Meet the management!
                        Bruno Cesteiro
                        Bruno Cesteiro
                        Bruno is the tech expert.
                        He’s like these guys in the matrix that look at black screens with weird green symbols passing by.
                        Ricardo Cesteiro
                        Ricardo Cesteiro
                        Ricardo is a software engineer, but it’s said that he mostly bugs the team with deadlines and strange charts that only he understands.


                        Latest news

                        PAX East 2020

                        2020 is the year that took us to our very first PAX East. And what an experience it was! We announced the release date for Those Who Remain on the first day, and got to meet a lot of awesome people co...

                        Those Who Remain @ Pax East

                        PAX East is going to be a lot darker this year. That’s right, we’re going with the Wired Productions’ gang and we’re bringing Those Who Remain with us. Perfect chance to play b...

                        Lisboa Games Week 2019

                        The last quarter of the year is always very active in term of tech / gamedev events in Portugal. This was especially true this year, with MOCHE XL Games World taking place on?14th to 17th November an...

                        MOCHE XL Games World

                        This is the busiest time of the year for gamedevs in Portugal: there’s the GameDev Camp, MOCHE XL Games World, Lisbon Games Week, plus the submissions for the PlayStation Talents. XL Games World...

                        Gamescom 2019

                        August is synonym?for?one of the biggest shows in the world to anyone in the industry. Thousands of gamers?and game developers flock to K?ln in Germany?to see what’s going on in the industr...

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