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                        Welcome to our humble page.
                        Home of Camel 101 - game makers, dream shapers and overall great guys.


                        Click on the images below to learn more about our games.

                        ABOUT US

                        Camel 101 is an independent and self funded game development studio, focused on creating fun and entertaining games.
                        We've worked on a wide ranged of projects ranging from casual games, to strategic and tactical wargames and horror adventures.
                        Our team has a solid background in engine and game development, and is always striving to do better from one project to another.
                        But who are we?
                        Meet the management!
                        Bruno Cesteiro
                        Bruno Cesteiro
                        Bruno is the tech expert.
                        He’s like these guys in the matrix that look at black screens with weird green symbols passing by.
                        Ricardo Cesteiro
                        Ricardo Cesteiro
                        Ricardo is a software engineer, but it’s said that he mostly bugs the team with deadlines and strange charts that only he understands.


                        Latest news

                        The moment is finally upon us. The path to Dormont has been revealed. The first-person psychological-thriller, Those Who Remain, is out now on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One! Check out the launch traile...

                        We’re proud to #LevelUpMentalHealth at Camel 101 and join?@SafeInOurWorld?in making sure our teams and players are supported! Let’s make this a thing and encourage positive mental health sup...

                        Those Who Remain and COVID-19 The pandemic is affecting the lives of millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, it’s going to affect the release of Those Who Remain too. Although the de...

                        CONTACT US

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                        Contact us and we'll get back to you asap.

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                        All Rights Reserved

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